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Author Topic: Command Prompt & Run Window Commands  (Read 2971 times)

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Command Prompt & Run Window Commands
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When running the commands from the Command Prompt the entire command must be typed in. When running the command from the Run Window, 'control' is not needed unless 'control' is typed in bold and underlined.

Control Panel Tool                                                  Command
Accessibility Optionscontrol access.cpl
Add New Hardwarecontrol sysdm.cpl add new hardware
Add/Remove Programscontrol appwiz.cpl
Date/Time Propertiescontrol timedate.cpl
Display Propertiescontrol desk.cpl
Fonts Foldercontrol fonts
internet Propertiescontrol inetcpl.cpl
Joystick Propertiescontrol joy.cpl
Keyboard Propertiescontrol main.cpl keyboard
Microsoft Exchange (or Windows Messaging)control mlcfg32.cpl
Microsoft Mail Post Officecontrol wgpocpl.cpl
Modem Propertiescontrol modem.cpl
Mouse Propertiescontrol main.cpl
Multimedia Propertiescontrol mmsys.cpl
Network Propertiescontrol netcpl.cpl  or  control ncpa.cpl (In Windows NT 4.0)
Password Propertiescontrol password.cpl
PC Cardcontrol main.cpl pc card
Power Managementcontrol powercfg.cpl
Printers Foldercontrol printers
Regional Settingscontrol intl.cpl
Scanners and Camerascontrol sticpl.cpl
Sound Propertiescontrol mmsys.cpl sounds
System Propertiescontrol sysdm.cpm
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